Haskell for TypeScript Developers

A guide to bootstrapping your TypeScript experience to become an effective Haskeller


I'm Brooklyn Zelenka, the author of this guide and CTO and co-founder at Fission. You can find many of my presentations and keynotes on Notist, and on most online spaces as @expede, including Twitter and Github.
Avoid "success at all costs"
— Motto of the Haskell Core Dev Team
Haskell was explicitly designed to be an influential language; to get concepts used by other languages. To this end it has been extraordinarily successful. The JavaScript ecosystem has increasingly to borrowed concepts, patterns, and features from the ML-family of languages over the past few years.
As someone who is fairly associated with functional programming, and having taught a number of functional languages and techniques to many teams over the past several years, I've been increasingly called on to teach specifically Haskell to curious developers. If you're looking for an excellent introductory book with practice problems and the like, I recommend Haskell from First Principles. However, not every team has the time to go through a 1000+ page book, and need to get up and running in production code quickly by leveraging existing experience with other languages.
In this guide, you will get a working understanding of how to work in a 2019 industry-style web project by drawing on your existing experience with TypeScript
This guide is designed to onboard developers at Fission. We are opinionated about how we do Haskell, and this guide is not meant as a guide to "all things Haskell"
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